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Climate in Myanmar

The climate in Myanmar is determined by the monsoon, a biannual changing of direction of air flow that blows from the northeast in winter and in summer from the southwest. Responsible for changing wind directions is the differential heating of land and sea.

The south-west direction of the summer monsoon brings often heavy rainfall caused by arising moisture and therefore it's called rainy season. However, the winter monsoon blows from the northeast, and is accompanied by rarely rainfall (dry, cool season). The hottest months are March and April (hot season). This provides a set of Myanmar three seasons.

Best time to travel

The best time to visit Myanmar is between November and February. These months are free from rain and it is not so hot. From March to May the rain rate is still low but the temperatures are steadily increasing and reached in peaks values around 40 °C. The maximum temperatures upcountry (Mandalay and Bagan) are even slightly higher than in Yangon. (see climate charts).

Climate tables for selected cities

  Temperatures Rainy Days Relative Humidity