Big Myanmar Round Trip

20 days: from $ 1.705 per person
Myanmar - Yangon - Kaba Aye Pagoda
Myanmar - Bagan - Ananda Temple
Myanmar - Mandalay - Sanda Muni Pagoda, Terrace
Myanmar - Sagaing - Kaung Hmu Daw Pagoda, Entrance
Myanmar - Amarapura - U Bein Bridge
Myanmar - Kekku - Pagoda Field of Kekku, Entrance
  • Travel Overlook
    Season: all-seasonal
    Trip Idea: Culture, Nature, Relaxation
    Transport: Aircraft, Car/Van, Horse Cart, Boat
    Description: This wonderful tour combines both exploring the famous sights of Myanmar with relaxation and swimming at Ngapali Beach. The journey begins in Yangon, the former capital of the country. By car you can explore the Golden Rock and visit the highlights Bagos. You fly to Mandalay and from there undertake tours to Mingun, Inwa, Sagaing, Amarapura, with its famous U Bein Bridge and Pyin Oo Lwin. You make an unforgettable cruise from Mandalay to Bagan on the Ayarwaddy and discover the old Bagan with its thousands ancient pagodas and temples. The journey continues to Kalaw, where you undertake a short trekking trip. You will visit the impressive caves of Pindaya. The journey continues to the famous Inle Lake. You make several boat trips and learn the lives of people on the lake to know. You will go by car to Kekku with its impressive pagodas field. Over Taunggyi the journey goes back to Heho, from where you can fly to Thandwe well deserved whip to Ngapali Beach. Enjoy the beautiful white sandy beach and relax here for several days before returning to Yangon.
    Day(s) Location Highlights
    1-2 Yangon Karaweik Restaurant, Sule Pagoda, Bo Ta Htaung Pagoda, Shwe Dagon Pagoda
    3 Kinpun Sakhan and Kyaikthiyo Kyat Khat Wine Monastery, Golden Rock Pagoda
    4 Yangon Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda, Hintha Gon Pagoda, Kyaik Pun Pagoda
    5 Mandalay Maha Muni Pagoda, Gold Leaf Factory, Mandalay Hill Pagoda
    6-8 Mandalay Ku Tho Daw Pagoda, Shwe Nan Daw Monastery, Mingun Bell, U Min Thoung Ze Pagoda, Maha Aung Mye Bon San Monastery, U Bein Bridge, Pwe Kauk Waterfalls, Maha Ant Htoo Kan Thar Pagoda, Kandawgyi Botanical Garden
    9 Bagan River Cruise
    10 Bagan Shwe Zi Gone Pagoda, Hti Lo Min Lo Temple, Ananda Temple
    11 Kalaw Palm Sugar Processing, Mt. Popa
    12 Inle Lake Market, Pindaya Cave
    13-14 Inle Lake Shwe Inn Thein Pagoda, Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, Silver Smith, Pagoda Field of Kekku, Shwe Inn Thein Pagoda
    15-18 Ngapali Beach Ngapali Beach
    19 Yangon Kaba Aye Pagoda
    20 Yangon Bogyoke Aung San Market
  • Travel Details
    • Day 01 - Arrival in Yangon in the Afternoon

      Morning Program:
      not applicable
      Afternoon Program:
      Our guide welcomes you at the airport and escort you to your hotel. After a little break you go to the Karaweik Restaurant on the Kandawgyi Lake, where you watch traditional dance performances while having dinner.
      Overnight in: Yangon
    • Day 02 - Yangon - Sightseeing

      Morning Program:
      Today you will visit the highlights of Yangon. After breakfast, your guide will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the city center. First you visit the more than 2000 years old and 45m high Sule Pagoda, in the Anglo-Burmese style, the City Hall and the Mahabandoola Park with it's Independence Monument. After this, you take a short walk to Pansodan jetty. The route takes you through the partly neglected streets designed by the British in a chessboard pattern of streets with their British colonial syles buildings. After visiting the famous Bo Ta Htaung pagoda that houses a hair relic of the Buddha.
      Afternoon Program:
      After lunch, take a detour to Bogyoke Aung San Market. The market is one of the major tourist attractions and is dominated by craft and jewelry stores, art galleries and clothing shops. By car you drive to Kyauk Taw Gyi Pagoda, with over 70m houses the longest reclining Buddha statue in the world. As a final highlight of the day you finally visit the over 2500 year old Shwe Dagon Pagoda. It is the symbol of the country par excellence and one of the most famous stupas in the world. Let the pagoda sink on you. Experience the illuminated Pagoda at night.
      Overnight in: Yangon
    • Day 03 - Kyaikthiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock)

      Morning Program:
      Today we will go on a cross-country trip to Kyaikhtiyo. After a two hours drive from Yangon you will arrive in Bago which is 85 km away from Yangon. Here you will visit the Kyat Khat Wine Monastery and participate in the food sacrificing ceremony. Buddhist monks are only allowed to eat until noon. The monastery is one of the biggest monasteries in Myanmar. Here are over 2.000 monks studying.
      Afternoon Program:
      Afternoon drive to Kinpun Sakan, at the foot of the Golden Rock, located 110 km east of Bago. Once in Kinpun Sakan, you will board a local transport (truck) to reach the middle station (Rathedaung). From there you can either walk or using a litter (to be paid locally) up to the Golden Rock. This is also your hotel. After check in you climb up to the pagoda. The difficulty of the ascent is rewarded with a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside and the views of the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda.
      Overnight in: Kinpun Sakhan and Kyaikthiyo
    • Day 04 - Bago - Sightseeing

      Morning Program:
      After breakfast, drive back to Bago. The former capital of the Kingdom of Pegu was already founded by the Mon in the 9th century. She has some very significant attractions. You begin your exploration at the Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda. With its 114 m height it's the largest pagoda in Myanmar. Its construction began in the 825th ad. Directly behind the Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda is the Hintha Gon pagoda. From this sanctuary you have a good view to Bago. According to legend, this was the only point that jutted out of the sea, as the mythological Hintha-bird landed here.
      Afternoon Program:
      In the afternoon you will visit the Shwe Tha Lyaung Pagoda, the Pagoda of the Reclining Buddha. With its 55 m length and 16m height it's 9 meters longer than the resting Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok. After it you will visit Maha Kalyani Thein, the sacred ordination hall. It was built back in 1476 and was intended to recall the Kalyani Sima in Sri Lanka. The last attraction that you explore today is the Kyaik Pun Temple. It was built in 1476 by ​​King Dhammazedi and consists of 4 giant 30 meter high Buddha images that look to the 4 main directions. The portraits represent Gautama Buddha (north side), Konagamana (south), Kakusandha (East) and Kassapa (west). After the tour, drive back to Yangon.
      Overnight in: Yangon
    • Day 05 - Mandalay - Sightseeing

      Morning Program:
      Morning flight to Mandalay.
      Afternoon Program:
      Once you have moved into your room, go in the afternoon in the south of the city, for visiting the Maha Muni Pagoda. The pagoda has the largest Buddha statue in Myanmar. It is 3.80 meters high and is the faithful constantly stuck with gold leaf flakes, that the figure is only barely visible. Near the Maha Muni Pagoda are some interesting stone carvings. Here mainly religious statues are made​​. Attend one of the workshops and can see the manufacturing process. After it goes by car to a gold-leaf manufacturing workshop. Buddhist devotees buy gold leaf to apply it to Buddha images, thereby gaining merits (for the next life). The visit of the regional workshop provides an interesting change from the typical tourist attractions and offers, albeit a small taste of local culture. The last stopof today's tour is the Mandalay Hill Pagoda, the pagoda wish fulfillment. The pagoda issituated on a 236m high hill, from whose terrace offers a breathtaking view of the city. Enjoy the sunset! Look as the setting sun reflects in the Ayarwaddy and slowly disappears behind the Shan mountains.
      Overnight in: Mandalay
    • Day 06 - Mandalay & Mingun

      Morning Program:
      The investigations begin after breakfast with a visit to the Mandalay Palace, the royal palace. It forms the overwhelming heart of Mandalay's. The palace is surrounded by a quadratically fortress with a side length of 3.2 km, 8 m high walls and a 70 meter wide moat. King Mindon had erected the palace between 1857-1859 with the founding of new royal capital of Mandalay. By car you drive now to the wooden Shwe Nan Daw Monastery. It is of particular interest because in one hand it is a reminiscence of the traditional wood construction Burmese monasteries and in the other hand it keeps the memory of the (spent) Palace of King Mindon's alive. It was once part of the palace complex. King Mindon lived here a long time and died here. A few minutes walk away, is the Ku Tho Daw Pagoda. Most notably are the 729 marble slabs on which the 15 books of the Tripitaka are engraved. The pagoda was built in 1857 along the lines of Shwe Zi Gon Pagoda in Bagan. Last stop before lunch is the Sanda Muni Pagoda. A special feature of the pagoda are the whitewashed stupas. The pagoda houses an iron Buddha statue from the 11th Century, which was cast in Amarapura. Around the stupa are 1774 marble plaques on which comments are engraved on the Tripitaka.
      Afternoon Program:
      After lunch you will take a 45 minute boat trip from Mandalay to Mingun. Here you will visit the Patho Daw Gyi Pagoda, which is with 150 m height the largest unfinished pagoda in the world. The reason for non-completion was an astrologer, who claimed that the will die king, once the construction would be finished. King Bodawpaya had cast had a gigantic bell for the Pagoda, the Mingun Bell. With 90 tonnes in weight, it is the second largest ringing bell in the world. After the sightseeing we drive back to Mandalay.
      Overnight in: Mandalay
    • Day 07 - Sagaing - Inwa - Amarapura

      Morning Program:
      Away from the big busy city Mandalay, are the three ancient capitals of the Kingdom of Bagan – Sagaing, Amarapura and Inwa. In the today’s day trip you will explore these three cities. After a 20-minute drive from Mandalay, you reach Sagaing the old capital, which was twice the capital of the Kingdom of Bagan, the first time from 1360 until 1364 and the second time from 1760 till 1764. One of the most beautiful pagodas is the Sun U Ponya Shin Pagoda, which was built in 1312. You have an excellent view of the hills and the Ayarwaddy from the pagoda. The next stop on the tour is the U Min Thonze Pagoda, which means translated as "30 caves pagoda". By car you can reach the famous Kaung Hmu Daw Pagoda. It was completed in 1648 after 12 years of construction.
      Afternoon Program:
      After lunch you will reach Inwa, the ancient Ava. It was from 14-19th Century capital of Burmese kingdoms. The city was destroyed and rebuilt several times, but a series of earthquakes in the 19th Century ultimately resulted in to the fact that the city was finally abandoned. After you have set the ferry across the Ayarwaddy, explore the sights of Inwa by horse cart. These include the Bagaya Monastery which was built in 1834 and consists completely of teak wood, the Maha Aung Mye Bon San Monastery, the Watch Tower and the Yadana Hsemee Pagoda. Afterwards drive to Amarapura with its beautiful Taungthaman lake with its famous U Bein Bridge. Amarapura located 11 km south of Mandalay and means something like "City of Immortality". The U Bein bridge has a length of 1.2 km and is over 200 years old. The sunset at U Bein Bridge is the crowning glory of your tour today.
      Overnight in: Mandalay
    • Day 08 - Pyin Oo Lwin

      Morning Program:
      Today you will take a day trip to Pyin Oo Lwin, formerly Maymyo or May Town, named after the British Colonel May and the Burmese word for city "Myo". In World War II Pyin Oo Lwin was used by the British as summer residence. The first aim of the present exploration tour the Peik Chin Myaung cave, about 20 km outside the city. The cave is completely filled with Buddha statues and pagodas of various sizes. By car, it goes to the Pwe Kauk waterfalls. Pwe Kauk is a pleasant place for a picnic. In addition to the falls there is a market where traders offer local products such as wine, strawberry jam, fruits and flowers. One is overwhelmed by pwe Kauk with its natural beauty and breathtaking scenery.
      Afternoon Program:
      After lunch you will visit the Maha Ant Htoo Kan Thar Pagoda. The pagoda has a special history. Actually, three Buddha statues, which were cast in Mandalay, should be delivered to China. However, one of the statues fell off the wagon and could not be charged more because of their weight. Since they could not be transported, finally it was decided around the statue to build a pagoda, teh Maha Ant Htoo Kan Thar Pagoda. The last stop of today's tour is the Kandawgyi Garden. It is located 1.5 km south of Pyin Oo Lwin and was established by the British in 1914. Its total area is 240 ha. Particularly interesting are the orchid garden, the dahlia gardens and rose gardens and lots of shade trees with exotic fruits. After that, return back to Mandalay.
      Overnight in: Mandalay
    • Day 09 - River Cruise Mandalay - Bagan

      Morning Program:
      We pick you up in the morning and bring in the car to the jetty for ships in the direction of Bagan. Enjoy the passing beautiful scenery, the many rice fields and observe the life of the fishermen on the Ayarwaddy. You get on board breakfast and lunch. The journey takes about 8 hours, depending on the level of Ayarwaddy. Upon arrival in Bagan you will be picked up at the pier and driven to your hotel.
      Afternoon Program:
      River Cruise
      Overnight in: Bagan
    • Day 10 - Bagan - Highlights

      Morning Program:
      After breakfast we go by horse cart to Nyaung U market. It's located in the homonymous village northeast of Nyaung U Bagan. The market offers the opportunity to observe the dayly live of the people. The market is divided into several sections, including a wet market. In a one section there are offered rattan products, in the next one tea leaves and in another clothing. After exploring the Shwe Zi Gon pagoda. It is one of the absolute highlights of the classic pagodas. You can compare it with the Shwe Da Gon Pagoda in Yangon. Its name means "The Golden Land of Victory". The pagoda was built between 1084-1112. The proportions and the type of decoration correspond to the classical Bagan pagoda style. Afterwards you drive to Gu Byauk Gyi Pagoda, which means as much as "the great dotted cave". The pagoda was built in 1113 and is part of the early Mon-style. As with all pagodas of Bagan early period of the east entrance is a tunnel leading into the interior. The walls inside are covered with frescoes of the Jatakas, which represents the stories from the Buddha's previous births.
      Afternoon Program:
      After lunch you will visit the Hti Lo Min Lo Temple, one of the biggest temples of Bagan. Daung Min Nan King Mya had built the temple around 1211. Its two-story structure that rises 50 m above the plain, is somewhat reminiscent of the Sula Mani Pagoda. Note the fine stucco work on the arches, pillars and friezes. By horse cart, it goes on to the beautiful Ananda Temple. Ananda means "infinite wisdom of the Buddha." Its construction was completed in 1090 by King Kyan Sit Tha and is a masterpiece of early temple architecture dar. Inside the temple, there are four large Buddha statues aligned with the four cardinal directions. In January is held the annual temple festival which attracts many pilgrims from all over Myanmar. Then you visit a lacquerware workshop, you will be shown the production process. You have the opportunity to purchase high quality pieces. The next stages of your today's tour is the Manuha Temple. The temple is named after the Sun King Ma Nu Ha, launched in 1059 as a captive to Bagan. The temple was financed by the sale of his property. How did the king a prisoner, can be read at the giant Buddha statue in a much too small room. Enjoy the sunset from the Shwe San Daw Pagoda. From it you have an unforgettable view of the pagodas field and the Ayarwaddy.
      Overnight in: Bagan
    • Day 11 - Bagan - Mt. Popa - Kalaw

      Morning Program:
      In the morning you leave Bagan and continue your journey towards Kalaw. First destination is Mt. Popa located at an altitude of 1500 m, 50 km south-east of Bagan. On the way you stop at a palm sugar business. Here you can see the production process. Palm sugar is very popular. It is offered in the form of small flakes. Feel free to try it! The journey continues to Mt Popa, an extinct volcano. On its slopes arise around 200 sources. Their water is used by cities of Popa Town and Kayauk Padaung Township, lying at the foot of the volcano. Mt. Popa is considered a residence of the most powerful Nats and important place for their worship. Enjoy the wonderful view of ancient Bagan in the north and the massive volcanic cone of Ma Taung Gyi.
      Afternoon Program:
      After descent and lunch you continue your journey to Kalaw, where you will arrive in the late afternoon. Kalaw is a mountain town in Shan State at an altitude of 1300m. Surrounded by pine woods, it exudes a pleasant atmosphere. From here you can take short trips to the nearby Pa-O and Palaung villages.
      Overnight in: Kalaw
    • Day 12 - Kalaw - Pindaya - Inle Lake

      Morning Program:
      After breakfast you will visit the morning market. Every 5 days arrive to dealers from the surrounding mountain villages offer their goods, especially fruits, vegetables and handicrafts. After visiting the market, transfer by car to Pindaya, 40 km away. There are actually 3 limestone caves in Pindaya, but only the southern cave is open to the public. At the entrance to the Shwe U Min Pagoda cave is 15m high. Local legends tell that it was built by King Asoka, but its current form immediately reveals that it is of recent origin. The cave can be reached from the valley over a staircase or more comfortable, by car. The last stretch is mastered by lift - many thanks for the donations! In the cave there are more than 8000 Buddha statues. Among them are more than 70 unique statues from the 18th Century. They differ from the other statues in the hairstyle, eyes, nose, ears and robe. Until recently donated every couple married a Buddha statue. Because of the lack of space, this custom has come to an end.
      Afternoon Program:
      After lunch, continue to Nyaung Shwe, the gateway to Inle Lake. The small town is situated a few kilometers north of Inle Lake and connected by a canal with the lake. Many long boats are waiting at the dock on bringing tourists out on the lake. You drive to your hotel on the lake with such boats. After checking in, you can truly relax in the hotel or enjoying the sunset on Inle Lake in a restaurant.
      Overnight in: Inle Lake
    • Day 13 - Inle Lake - Sightseeing

      Morning Program:
      Today you will take a day trip on Inle Lake. With 116 km2 it is the second largest lake in Myanmar. During the dry season, its average depth is about 2 m, during the rainy season, the water level is 1.5 m higher. Around and on the lake there are about 60 villages, specializing in the production of agricultural goods. The first objective of your current tour is located on the western shore of Lake Village Kaung Daing. There is a land-bound market, which alternately in the villages Kaung Daing, maing Thauk, Nampan, Inthein and Than Taung takes place and attracts many locals from the region. After the visit of the market it goes by boat to Inn Thein Pagoda. The pagoda is a holy site in the south-western lake area. You drive about 40 minutes to the Nam Pilu river. From there, walk to the pagoda. The complex consists of 1054 stupas. After the visit you eat lunch.
      Afternoon Program:
      After lunch it goes by boat to Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, one of the most important religious sites in southern Shan area. The pagoda houses five small statues of Buddha and his disciples, however, were pasted over beyond recognition with gold leafs. It is incidentally allowed only men to apply the gold leafs. After it you go to several villages that are on all the lake. In the village Inn Paw Kone you can visit a weaving and a forge. In the village of Nam Pan watch the manufacturing process of Cheeroots. In the village Ywama you visit thesilversmiths workshop. On the way back home you get the opportunity to visit the floating gardens with tomato plants. After the interesting explorations of the day you go back to the hotel and enjoy the sunset on the way.
      Overnight in: Inle Lake
    • Day 14 - Kekku und Inle See

      Morning Program:
      oday you take a cross-country trip to the spectacular pagoda field of Kekku in the southern Shan State. The facility houses more than 2000 stupas, which are close together in an area of about one square kilometer. According to legend, the first stupas were set by King Alaungsithu in the 12th Century. Many of the decorative sculptures and figurines date from the 17th and 18 Century, but some are much older. On the way you will make a stop in a Shan village to get a glimpse into the lifestyle of its inhabitants.
      Afternoon Program:
      Afternoon we return to Inle Lake. Take a boat ride to the western shore of the lake and located slightly hidden Inn Thein Pagoda. From the landing leads a slightly rising footpath to the hidden and unknown pagoda complex. Inn Thein is an incredible collection of weathered stupas overgrown by moss and climbing plants. In the late afternoon drive back towards hotel. Enjoy again the impressive sunset on the lake.
      Overnight in: Inle See
    • Day 15 - Transfer to Ngapali Beach

      Morning Program:
      After breakfast, you drive to the airport in Heho and then fly to Thandwe (Ngapali Beach). You are picked up at the airport by the hotel's shuttle.
      Afternoon Program:
      Leisure at Ngapali Beach.
      Overnight in: Ngapali Beach
    • Day 16-18 - Ngapali Beach

      Morning Program:
      Ngapali is known for its miles of white sandy beach, Turquoise, crystal clear water and enough shady coconut palms. It is Myanmar's most beautiful beach provides the opportunity for many activities such as swimming, sailing, kayaking, and enjoying fresh seafood by candlelight as the setting sun sinks into the Indian Ocean. Ngapali is the perfect place to relax.
      Afternoon Program:
      Leisure at Ngapali Beach.
      Overnight in: Ngapali Beach
    • Day 19 - Transfer to Yangon & Sightseeing

      Morning Program:
      In the morning you will fly back to Yangon.
      Afternoon Program:
      In the afternoon you will visit two interesting sites, the Kaba Aye Pagoda and the Maha Pasana Gu cave. Both were erected by Prime Minister U Nu in 1952 in preparation for the sixth Buddhist Synod. The Synod lot together with the 2.500th anniversary of the Buddha's enlightenment. In the immediate vicinity is the Maha Pasana Guha cave. This artificial cave measures 113m x 139m. It can accommodate up to 10,000 people and was built in only 14 months. Up till now, the large cave is used for religious ceremonies in Yangon. Last attraction of the day is the Myanmar Gems Museum. The four-story building is located near the Kaba Aye Pagoda. Here are exhibited the most famous gemstones of Myanmar, such as rubies, sapphires, jade and pearls. In the first two floors of the house, the gems Mart, you have the opportunity to purchase gemstones and jewels.
      Overnight in: Yangon
    • Day 20 - Yangon Sightseeing & Departure

      Morning Program:
      The last attraction of the tour is the Bogyoke Aung San Market, formerly Scott Market. The market opened in 1926, is a major tourist attraction. Its offer includes antiques, crafts, countless jewelers to art galleries, restaurants and clothing stores. Here ends your tour and you will be taken to the airport where our tour guide will bid you farewell.
      Afternoon Program:
      Overnight in: not applicable
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    only now I come to send you a short report of our trip:

    It was very nice and the trip gave us overall good experience. The route guidance to the selected transport, the selection of hotels and guides were tailored to our idea out.
    Specifically, I can say the following:

    Your selection was very good and corresponded very closely our habits of comfort and price. In Mandalay, we had some concerns about noise in this former dormitory for railwaymen (plan not good for a hotel). It has been there brought us more
    Sabine Reis, Germany
    Hello Mrs. Myaing-Lehmann,

    Please find attached the summary of our trip, as we have found it!

    Travel agency Exciting Myanmar and Tour Guides:
    The trip was organized by you outstanding. Therefore, the end of the trip went smoothly. We were always picked up on time, the drivers were very friendly and helpful and English-speaking guides knowledgeable, friendly and always eager to give as much information to the traveler. The tour guides were eager to let us always ensure safe and get good lunch and go to find always clean toilets. As for day more
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